Chad Hays

By Veterans for Veterans. Most have no idea what Andy & Catherine do behind the scenes to help others. It’s a blessing to be included in such a great group!

Heather Cutrer

This group came down to Baton Rouge, LA to help us as we are trying to rebuild after the Great Flood of 2016.  Thank you for doing what you do and for the blessings and love you brought with you!

Mary Charrier

Our HOME is an amazing organization helping to support vets and vet families!

Christian DeCapria

Great cause run for great people by great people!  They’ve served and now it is our responsibility to serve them.

Joanie Mintz

This is an absolutely wonderful organization put together by amazing people!

Pamela McIntosh

I think Our Home is something this community has been needing for many years!  I think the work they do for our vets and vet families is outstanding! I believe they will never truly know the depth that their love has reach in so many hearts. I am positive that many lives have been saved and changed! Thank you for giving so freely of yourselves for so many! You are all Heaven sent! Keep up the great work! Love you all!

Jayme Watson

This is a fine organization. They are hardworking and energetic where our Veterans are concerned. I have enjoyed attending their socials, and agree that fellowship is the key to finding out place in this world. Blue Star Mothers of Northeast Louisiana, Chp6, is proud to be associated, and we never forget that our sons and daughters serving today are your Veterans of tomorrow.  Thank you for being there for them.


To HONOR to our veterans and their Families, To create endless OPPORTUNITIES for them, To change the MINDSETS everywhere, and to ENCOURAGE them to live the lifestyle that they served to protect.