Since March 2014, Our H.O.M.E. has help encourage our brave men and women to live a healthy lifestyle balance, by teaming up with some of the most amazing veteran services organizations. Our mission is to connect veterans and their families to organizations and providers, both private and governmental, that will aid them in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization assisting with filling treatment gaps by providing veterans with options and groups that support the entire family on their journey HOME.

Across America, we have been able to help veterans go back to school, obtain better careers, become stronger parents, build stronger marriages, and encourage them to LIVE their lives, not take their lives. Our holistic approach has proven time and time again, that our transition program works and it is impactful to those families that have reached out to us.

Andrew and Catherine have dedicated their lives to assisting those who have sacrificed greatly for our great nation. Along with the Our H.O.M.E. family, they have been able to make a difference for veterans and their families from coast to coast. You too can make that very same impact, but we need your help, join our family today!

Andrew Yarbrough Jr.

CEO, President & Founder

Andrew is a retired Army Staff Sergeant , who severed in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2005 and several other missions around the world. He graduated from The University of Louisiana at Monroe, and with over a decade of finance and leadership experience, he leads the Team of Our H.O.M.E. to the front lines of helping veterans and their families.

Andrew is married to Catherine, and together they have two boys Mason and Bryce. Andrew and his family are dedicated to serving our veterans and their families.

Catherine Yarbrough

Case Worker & Co-Founder

Catherine is the co-founder of Our H.O.M.E. and currently a student at University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2017, and will be enrolling into the graduate program with a focus on education. Catherine also worked in the medical administration field for a large part of her career and donates a lot of her time to Our H.O.M.E. and Ladies of Our H.O.M.E., which she manages.

Catherine is married to Andrew, and is an amazing mother to Mason and Bryce, who are a big part of their lives.

Victor Caban

Support Member

Victor Caban is a former Communications Specialist in the USMC.  He served for 4 years on active duty and deployed to the Mediterranean aboard a Marine Expeditionary Unit in support of Operation Joint Guard.

He currently works for CenturyLink as an IT Systems Analyst and serves as a Technical Coordinator for Our HOME.

Mike Carson

Advisory Board Member

With 20 years of radio and live performance shows, Mike brings a level of professionalism to Our H.O.M.E.’s events. Mike has a big heart for our service men and women, and partnered with Our H.O.M.E. as a platform, Mike has been able to reach out to our veteran community. He provides all radio advertising for Our H.O.M.E., and much more. When he is not performing, Mike liked to enjoy spending time with his family on the Carson Farm.